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Hey hey :) I'm Tatyana. I'm a life & leadership coach for creative leaders & entrepreneurs. I help you transcend the Sunday scaries (and all the scaries), so you can live freely, lead from the heart, love your relationships, and find the kind of ease, enjoyment and fulfillment in your day to day that makes you do a double take.


Joy and creativity are inherent to us all. I'm all about standing for a way of living and creating that functions not on our stress, but on our wellbeing, so this can be our dominant state of being.

The mind mostly makes the case that we need to be serious and problem-focused to make progress, but creativity and fresh ideas come from a place of fun and fancy - and we need the space to let that emerge. I come in to support passionate creators open up that head space, so they can receive the inspiration they need to get back to innovating and having fun. And to start using their creative power to work within themselves, so they can discover how to enjoy each moment and spread positivity in all they do.

About Me

My Services.

True To You: 6 Month Package

True You: 12 Month Package

In the 6 month package, you get a chance to unpack where you're at now, open up where you want to go and uncover what it'll take to get there. Then you'll be supported to lean into what's serving you (habits, behaviors, attitudes & narratives) and drop what's not so you can get there with impressive speed and ease.

In the 12 month package, you build on what you've discovered and trained in the 6 month package, so you can deepen your  ability to cultivate calm,  create from inspiration (instead of stress) and live with greater flow, agility and ease.

  • Get clear on what's true for you and how you really want to show up and create

  • Through powerful awareness & new understanding, create your intentions with speed, ease and grace

  • Harmonize relationships & Get the best from others and yourself

  • Have way less stress and more peace & fun in your day to day

  • Meetings: 2-4x /mo

  • Deepen your connection to yourself and inner inspiration

  • Train greater ease and flow 

  • Work with your triggers and use them to grow calm & presence

  • Gain new levels of self understanding and the ability to create with ease in new arenas and areas of life

  • Experience a new baseline of wellbeing

  • Meetings: 2-4x /mo

Let's Talk

"Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found."

Eckhart Tolle

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