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Wonderful you're here.


Are you ready to live from peace and create with ease?

If so, you're in the right place!

Here you'll find the support you need to step into true wellbeing 

and thrive like never before.

Hi! I'm Tatyana

I'm an adventurer, life enthusiast and a Transformational Life Coach for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Free-thinkers who are ready to drop all the pressure and live and create from a powerful place presence. I help leaders swap stress for true success by stilling the noise & connecting with themselves at a deeper level, and learning to manage their energy and minds, so they can experience peace, presence & purpose in all they do.​

About Me

 From an early age, I knew life was meant to be joyful, each day a thrill. And as a creative & performer, I learned the power of creating from a state of flow. Still, for a while in my adult life, I fell into the opposite: feeling under pressure, stress, and overwhelm, more pushing than flowing. Been there, too?

At a certain point, I woke up & remembered there was another way to live and took off on a journey - across the world and to worlds within - to discover it. Through opening up new horizons – moving from New York to Vietnam to Berlin, studying and developing practices of yoga meditation, and experiencing the deep, transformative process of coaching, I was able to uncover a way of living, creating and interacting that replaced struggle with easeand awesome results – all by changing the way I related to the world. Relationships blossomedwork began to feel like play; I learned to put down worry in favor of truly enjoying the moment, whatever it contains.


Our Coaching Partnership

Through our collaboration, my clients create powerful transformations of their own, as they open to their inner wisdom and sense of adventure. They're able to tune inget their own true answerstake action, and release what's been in the way of true connection - with themselves and others - opening up in a way that shifts everything.


From here, they can suddenly see abundant possibilities and welcome success in all areas of their lives - from the inside out. Relationships harmonize and thrive; they feel more alive; and they experience a new way of moving through life – from a place of peaceEquipped with the tools to become & stay centered, they're able to take on challenges with grace & presence.


Would you love to experience this yourself?


Enjoy Peace, Presence & Purpose

Ready to live and work in tune with the true you? In our collaboration, you'll get the support you need to connect to your inner wisdom, let go of what's not serving you and step into a way of living & leading that truly empowers you. You'll pull the curtain up on the patterns and paradigms that have been holding you back and be able to clear the way for fresh, inspired action and beautiful results - in all areas of your life and work. In addition to transformational one-on-one coaching, you'll engage regularly with powerful tools that will support you in creating lasting shifts in your mindset and habits that will serve you a lifetime. 

Fall Foliage
Bridge Over River
View of Meditation Garden

Awaken to Happiness Now

by recognizing your wellbeing as true success, inside & out

Realize What Really Matters to You

by slowing down, taking stock of where you are and tuning into inner wisdom


Enjoy Harmonious Relationships

by seeing what's in the way & opening to true connection


Allow Creative Flow

by poking holes in perceived limits & opening up to inspiration

Amplify Your Energy

by doing more of what you love & loving more in what you do


Step into Peace & Wellbeing 

by releasing attachment to suffering & aligning with your true essence

Live & Lead with Presence

by seeing resistance for what it is & practicing tuning into stillness


Radiate Success from the Inside Out

by knowing your inherent wholeness

Awaken Opportunity, Abundance & Support

by connecting to inner stillness, cultivating gratitude & finding alignment


Be a Light for Yourself & Others

by choosing to live in peace and showing up with true presence, compassion & wisdom 

Ready for more peace, presence and purpose in your life?

What People Are Saying


"Tatyana is pure inspiration. During our work together, I have had a huge shift in my life, both personally and professionally. I had an amazing time in each of our sessions. And, while opening up had always been a challenge for me, Tatyana made me feel so comfortable and supported that I could really open up and share my truth. Through her coaching, I was able was to release fears and blocks that were standing in my way, to finally connect to my most creative side and to my true purpose - which I’m now putting into my own business! Thank you, Tatyana, for moving me to a place of trust, clarity, and self-empowerment."

Daniela Londoño, Madrid, Spain

Reaching Out to the Sun

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